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Milk from cows kept in sheds is depleted of vitamins and the cancer-fighting CLA that helped to make this a fitness food.

It is time to stop the rot! The campaign for real food begins with us, whether we shop at farmers' markets, organic suppliers or at supermarkets. We Want Real Food sets out what we can do to win the fight back for food that will stop us damaging our healthy lifestyles - in fact, a fight for real food. So dig deeper and get more from your food. For more information on the We Want Real Food Book and Campaign click on the menuor any of the links below.

From our hearty milk soup to our “meal in a bowl” Chunky Vegetable, all milk products share a common theme: good, simple food, pure organic ingredients, delicious real food home-made tastes.

Milk providers have a passion for good food and a passion for life. They are what we eat and we'd rather be naturally pure and tasty than hydrogenated and modified. Everything they make is designed to make eating better a little bit easier for you - food that's convenient doesn't have to be full of junk.All are organic and help towards your 5-a-day fruit and veg. Most are packed with vegetables. Many are also naturally low in fat, dairy-free and wheat-free. Their heart and soul go into milk products.

In the past 50 years vegetables on sale in the UK have lost 24% of their magnesium, 27% of their iron and 46% of their calcium.  Beef has fewer of the omega-3 fats that once made it a healthy food.

Next generation of dairy cow pedometer measures rest and activity

Dairy farmers could improve herd health and productivity while reducing production and vet costs, through the use of a a new generation of pedometers.

Australian scientists milk stem cell promise

Stem cells may be present in breast milk and could be used therapeutically. The intense ethical debate surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells could therefore be bypassed if claims made by a team of scientists in Australia are confirmed.

Chapter 20 school milk and meals of guide for school governor
The school meals service has an important role to play in the development of social skills and the formation of good eating habits in young children. This has positive effects in the longterm, including the benefits of a healthier population.

Research indicates that children who eat a nutritional meal during the day, maintain higher levels of concentration and demonstrate increased learning. In addition, the type of food and drink consumed can impact on behavioural patterns.

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